About Charlotte

charlotte-cat-portraitI have two passions: pets and photography!

My first love – and it’s a big one – is pets. I have over ten years of experience working with animals of all ages, sizes, and temperaments. In addition to a professional photographer, I have also been a groomer, dog daycare attendant, and pet sitter. I love getting to know pets and gaining their trust. They respond well to my attentive and gentle approach.

My other passion, photography, has taken me to numerous workshop and consultations with my mentor. My photography equipment is a crucial element in creating beautiful portraits of your pet. I’ve also participated in countless workshops and courses to hone my technical expertise.

I find nothing more satisfying than combining my two passions, and dedicating them to you and your pets.

I know how much you cherish your pet, and I hope you’ll let me celebrate the special relationship you share.

I specialize in custom pet photography, but my work is so much more than that. Every pet is wonderful and unique, but I have a knack for recognizing the extraordinary qualities that make YOUR pet exceptional. In this way, my photography captures and preserves the most endearing elements of your pet’s character.

Further, my photoshoots are fun! It’s important that your pet enjoys the session as much as you and I do. To ensure this, I pose your pet using positive handling methods exclusively. This allows them to be happy and relaxed during our session, and gives their eyes that extra sparkle.

DOGS: The name of my business, ‘Saucy Dog Photography’, reflects my love for spirited dogs. My job is to capture them at their most carefree, because I believe that “dogs should be dogs”. I photograph outdoors because I love how comfortable dogs are in the natural environment. Natural light also perfectly emphasizes the delicate details of their features.

CATS: As we all know, cats are their own masters! They come and go as they please, but I work with their natural inquisitiveness to capture their expressive spirits. Even a cat that just wants to snooze and lounge about can have a wonderful photoshoot. I will photograph them by your preference: indoors, or outside if they are comfortable there.

OTHER PETS: I love all animals and have enjoyed photographing reptiles and other small pets. Photoshoots for small pets require dexterity and a quiet, gentle approach. I put them at ease by moving slowly and ensuring that they are relaxed. I photograph them wherever they are the safest and most comfortable. I look forward to expanding my repertoire of animals, so please reach out even if you have an uncommon pet.